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Investment Readiness 

We develop investor materials including financial models, investor memoranda business plans, and teasers. We further advise on capital raise strategy and transactions structure across capital types including equity, debt, mezzanine, and blended finance.

Commercial & Operational Due Diligence

We conduct market analysis, evaluate organizational processes & management capabilities, analyze historical financial performance, and develop bespoke projection models.


We develop comprehensive, actionable strategies to address our clients’ most pressing questions on scale, impact, and new markets, among others.​


We improve the finance function to enable better data-driven decisions and build the capacity of teams to use and strengthen these systems.

Market Insights

We help you to better understand and reach your customers by conducting in-depth market research and developing targeted sales and marketing approaches for each segment.

Talent & Organization

We help you build and implement comprehensive approaches to recruitment, engagement, retention, and management as part of a holistic talent strategy.

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